Avid Note Taking Template

Download this template to take notes while completing your courses. You can hand-write or type your notes. You pay print any of these notes to use on your quizzes and tests. Follow these steps to take the most effective notes for learning:

1) Title your document and complete the top portion (Name, Class, Date, Topic/objective). You can get the objectives from the first page of the lesson.

2) Read the introductory paragraph (usually between the title of the lesson and the objectives). In the "Essential Question" section, write an open-ended (not yes/no) question about the overall idea of the lesson. You should be able to answer after you complete this lesson.

3) Look at the headings (Bold words that begin each section and/or page). In the left-hand column that says "Questions", write a general question that should be answered in that section.

4) Click in the "notes" box that is across from the question you just wrote. Read the section and write or copy and paste bullet points (NOT THE WHOLE TEXT) that help you answer that question.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you are done with the lesson.

5) Go on the the lesson questions. Use your notes to answer the question. If your notes don't have the answer to the question, find the answer in the text and add it to your notes for that section.

6) Go to the bottom of the notes where it says "Summary". In 1-2 sentences, answer the "Essential Question" that you wrote at the top of your notes.

8) SAVE YOUR NOTES. Don't lose them! You can print them now or later, but make sure you have them ready in hard copy (not digitally) for when you need them on your quizzes or tests.